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JETRO Japan Biotechnology Market Report (2004)
Recent years have seen a biotechnology boom take hold in Japan. Prices of
biotechnology-related stocks have been soaring, and new biotechnology ventures are being created all the time.
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Prime Minister Koizumi’s Biostrategy Council Guidelines
A recent action plan issued by Prime Minister Koizumi’s Biotechnology Strategy Council designed to spur competitive growth in Japan’s biotechnology industry
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Attractive Sectors: Biotechnology
Few would dispute that biotechnology is one of the key technologies of the 21st century. Biotechnology has evolved from basic research to practical use in molecular engineering. High hopes are now being pinned on this field, since it has major potential for providing viable answers to a wide range of intractable problems facing humanity, including those of aging, the environment, food and energy.
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Japan’s Bio & Drug Markets on the Cusp of a Golden Era
Japan’s biotech industry is gearing up for a golden era of growth. As promising startups continue to sprout, the government is seeking to give further impetus to the industry through deregulation, tax reform and other supportive measures. Learn about the latest government initiatives designed to spur growth in this JETRO report.
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Strategy for Japan’s Bio-Industry Begin’s to Take Shape
Countries around the world are rushing to promote “bioindustry”—a broad range of businesses from medicine to agriculture buttressed by the life sciences—on the assumption that this sector will be just as important to economic growth as the information-technology sector already is. With the Japanese government’s adoption of the Biotechnology Strategy Guidelines, the public and private sectors are gearing up for an advance into fertile but uncharted territory.
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BioVentures in Japan
The Japanese market for the goods and services of biotechnology is expected to grow from about ¥1.5 trillion (US$12.0 billion) in 2002 to about ¥2 trillion (US$16.0 billion) in 2005. Associations involved in the field report that more than 300 bioventures have started up. With rapid growth projected in the years to come, more ventures are coming into being and selling shares on stock exchanges.
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